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Donald Michael Kraig

Posted in heroes on March 19, 2014 by Patrick

Donald Michael Kraig died yesterday.

His book, Modern Magick, was an inspiration to me from a very young age.  I first read it when I was about fifteen, I think, and I worked my way through it lesson by lesson, one month per (but I cheated!  I used lunar months!  They’re shorter!) chapter.  I made all the tools.  I memorized all the rituals.  All of them.  When I got to college and was introduced to Hegel, my first thought was “Oh, DMK talked about him.”  In a very real way, he was my inspiration in magic.  He showed me that magic could be real, rational, a way of life more than a style choice.  He taught me how it was a system that aligned with cosmology, ethics, philosophy, art, and the list goes on.  Magic, he taught me, isn’t something you do.  It’s something you are.

It’s our job now to remember the meaning that his life had, and a life has meaning in relationships with others.  His work had a tremendous influence on many, many magicians, and as the meaning of a life goes, that’s a pretty good one.  Another thing we can do, of course, is help pay the bills of his medical care and funeral costs.  You can do that here.


Eros and Magic

Posted in Book Review, Good Books, heroes on May 30, 2011 by Patrick

Ioan P. Couliano rocks my world. It’s official. I’m forty pages from finishing Eros and Magic in the Renaissance and my world is officially rocked. I’m also nearly too caffeinated to type, as I unconsciously swilled coffee for the last fifty pages. So I’ll give a detailed review — more of a paean of praise, really — when I finish.

Susan Boyle

Posted in heroes on April 16, 2009 by Patrick

If you haven’t seen this yet, you really probably should.  It’s a singer on Britain’s Got Talent, but please see it anyway.

She’s my newest hero.

A New Hero

Posted in heroes on July 30, 2007 by Patrick

I don’t watch television news, but I found this clip of an anchor refusing to cover the Paris Hilton story online, and she’s now one of my newest heroes.

The Kids are All Right

Posted in heroes, Political on June 30, 2007 by Patrick

This is what I’m talkin’ about. Sixteen year old Jesse Lange politely and articulately explains his opinion to Bill O’Reilly, who calls him a “pinhead.”

Jesse, you’re my newest hero.