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5 Responses to “About”

  1. Lisa Lehner Says:

    dear patrick!

    is it u who has been studying in Leiden (Netherlands) 6 years ago, living nextdoor to me, Lisa (from Austria), inspiring me a lot with your mindspinning theories, deeply getting into magical practice in our life there… if it’s u, i’d love to reconnect and surely anyway soon read ya book which title promises a lot. you know it’s much more. always on our mind.


  2. Dear Patrick!
    Recently I sell Your book about Postmodern Magic. I was impressed Your book! I am not magican. But I love Sign sistems! I try to understand how signes and simbols connect with brain. And 10 years I coudn’t find answer to question: I see the signes and simbols in my brain every day, but I don’t know what does it mean? How I can connet this pictures with my live? I like your sistem with sigil and I understand your principles but I coudn’t use it…May you be so kind to give me idea (if you know…) how to connect signes and material life?
    Thank you. Sorry my bad English, please.

  3. Dr. Phil Says:

    Hello Patrick! I’ve read both of your books, and a review by me of Magic, Power, Language, Symbol will be coming out later this month in the online Eternal Haunted Summer–I love your work!

    I have had some experiences recently about which you might be interested in hearing; I read MPLS at a very auspicious time, when I was trying to get some in-roads into getting particular bits of information from deities I’ve been working with, and I’ve just had some initial results which I’m still trying to process. Anyway, if you’re interested, I can elaborate.

    But, more importantly, I wanted to ask you if I could speak further with you about a project I’m working on at present–a particular anthology which you might be able to contribute to usefully. I’ll say no more about it here for reasons that will become obvious upon elaboration, but I wanted to at least notify you and open a dialogue, if you would have the time and be so inclined.

    Thank you for all your work, and I look forward to your future publications, and to the possibility of being in contact with you!

    Phillip Bernhardt-House

  4. Patrick, I’ve read and truly enjoyed your books. I wonder if you would comment on the subject of Matrix Energetics. I’ve practiced it at times, and my success rate has been approx 90 percent. Here is a link to an interview with ME creator Richard Bartlett. I hope you, and perhaps others here, will listen and care to comment. http://tinyurl.com/4xkekgx

    This is a link to my own experiences with ME. http://fattymoon.posterous.com/magic-matrix-energetics-and-me

    Thanks for listening.

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