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Posted in Uncategorized on November 13, 2016 by Patrick

There’s a wonderful word in Greek: idiotes, one who is concerned only with their own little world. That’s what it literally means. It’s the word from which we get our word “idiot.”

Just a tidbit in these troubled times. When someone tells you, “oh, don’t worry, you’ll be fine,” and they’re white and straight and male, yeah. Idiot. By the same token, though, when someone tells you, “oh, god, I’m panicking, please panic with me!” yeah, that’s a kind of idiotes too, but one I have a little more sympathy with. I’ll tell them, “your fear is real and strong, but not the law of the universe. It’s a thing that will wax and wane, and I’ll stand with you and help you as much as I can in the times to come, which will probably not be great. But we’ll try to get through them together, and we’re stronger than we think.”

Look outside your own little world, for good or ill. Try to, anyway. It’s not easy. But try because we do not need more idiots when we have one in the goddamned White House (one? I’m being optimistic there).