Magick Hygiene

I’ve been pretty bad at clearing out my workspace.  I didn’t realize how bad until a few days ago.   I got a new larger altar (on wheels, with a top that folds out for ceremonies!) and in transferring stuff over from the old one I found sixteen separate talismans and sigils that hadn’t been disposed of.  Sixteen.  Some were just sigils of spirits I had summoned, and some were talismans.   One was a talisman I made to help me finish my dissertation.  Another was the sigil I used to summon the spirit who helped me meet my partner.  I found one very ominous looking thing — a grainy picture with a sigil across its forehead — before I remembered putting a protection spell on a friend of mine, back when he was going through hard times.  He didn’t need it now.  A few, I didn’t even know what I originally intended.

Clearly I need to be more careful about properly disposing of my things.



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