Power Candle

Here’s a fraud selling $90 “power candles.”  (post via Boing Boing; they’re not the fraud selling them)

This sort of thing pisses me off, and here’s why:  If you need magic so badly, you don’t need to spend $90 for it.  Here’s how you can make a power candle that will be ten times more powerful than anything you buy, at home.

You need a candle, any kind will do, taper or votive.  A 50 cent tealight works fine.  White works for everything.  Otherwise, pick a color that reminds you of what it is you want to get (green for money, maybe, or pink for love — there are lists, but if you have any sense at all you can just figure it out).

You need some sort of oil.  You can buy particular oils for particular aims, and those can be pricy.  Or you can just use olive oil.  Just use olive oil.

Pour the olive oil in a dish.

Write your name on the candle, up from the base to the wick for a taper or clockwise around the wick for a votive or tealight.  Also write your desire, in just one or two words.  You can do this with a pin or a ballpoint pen that’s run out of ink.  You don’t have to worry about it being legible.  At this point, state your desire out loud, and know that burning this candle will be the same as acquiring your desire.  State your desire in positive terms: “I have enough to pay the rent” not “I want enough to pay the rent.”

Bless the oil by saying a prayer over it.  Make up your own.

Lay the candle on a cleared table (no clutter!) and roll it toward you three times.  Pay attention to the candle itself: the sound it makes the rolling, the sensation of its movement when you send it toward yourself, the feel when you catch it, and so on.  Don’t think about what you want.  Just watch the candle.

Now dip your index finger in the oil.  Starting at the base of the candle for a taper, oil it to the middle.  Then do the same from the wick to the middle.  If you’re using a votive, oil the top lightly clockwise.

Light the candle.  Again, do not think about your desire, not at all.  Ignore it, put it out of your mind.  Pay attention to the sensory impact of lighting the candle.  Watch the flame and clear all thoughts but those of the flame from your mind.  Do this for a few minutes.  Then walk away and let the candle burn down.  If you must leave before the candle burns down, don’t let it burn unattended.  Extinguish it with a pinch or a candle snuffer, not by blowing it out, and relight it when you return.  Again, when you relight it, just pay attention to the candle, not to your desire.

Put your desire out of your mind as far as possible, but act on any opportunities that arise.

That’s it.  That’s all.  That’s a power candle, and it’ll work a damn sight better than some ridiculous $90 piece of crap.  Because the magic isn’t in the candle (or, at least, not entirely — jury’s out on that, and that’s another theory heavy sequence of posts later).  It’s in you, and has been all along.  The feather wasn’t magic!  You were!


One Response to “Power Candle”

  1. Good information. However, frauds are constantly among us and they are in the business of making money. I always see the tiny building in town that says, “PSYCHIC”. I know this, in many cases, is a fraudulent business person that is trying to get as much money out of each client to bring a nice income.

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