Fair-weather Wizard

A lot of people do magic, or come to magic, because their lives are not what they want and they want to make them better. That’s awesome. Good for them. I didn’t, though. I mostly came to magic because it was fascinating and I wanted to know what was really going on under the paper surface of the world.

Sometimes, those who come to magic for utilitarian purposes abandon it once they get what they want. That’s okay too, really. Who am I to tell people what to do with their time? But the thing is, “getting what you want” is an illusion. We always want something else later, and there are always ways to become better, stronger, happier people.

A lifetime engagement with magic is about being an all-weather wizard, doing cool magic in the cool times (offerings, meditations, and so on) and hot magic in the hot times (spells, talismans, evocations, and so on). It’s about balance.

It’s almost always about balance, of course.

At some point, it becomes impossible to do magic. I was working on a new set of magical tools (you outgrow them, you know — I should post on that). And it occurred to me that I hadn’t done any magic in a while.

Except for two healing spells for friends, daily offerings, meditations, impromptu offerings while going for walks, mantra practice, maintaining my paredros, and a check in with the HGA. Yup, no magic at all in the last few weeks.


5 Responses to “Fair-weather Wizard”

  1. It’s ok. I’ve had lulls before. Sometimes it’s a block I wasn’t aware of, or I needed a break. In the end the magick was always there when I needed it or when it was time.

    I just had a year off if you will. I actually got refocused and took time to reevaluate myself. It now seems like I have entered a more natural state and different goals as my philosophy has changed.

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  3. I wouldn’t worry about the “break” if you will. I’ve had breaks last for a while. It wasn’t that the magick wasn’t there – it was sometimes due to things going on, or an evolution. I took a break for about a year, I don’t know if it was rust or not. When I got back into practice, all the things I thought mattered, didn’t. I gained new skills, and in some ways simplicity. Other times i think i was “bound” until i gained understanding or something else.

    Don’t focus on it not being there, focus on just being where you want to be. It’ll happen.

  4. Some of us are occasional wizards. We’ve done magic before, but don’t find the need to work it all the time. I know it works, but magic tends to change things I didn’t want to change – that’s where it is a hassle. It can create new relationships and destroy old ones without any appearance of doing on my part.

  5. *snort* I don’t think these folks are understanding the sarcasm here… you did plenty magic daily!

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