Favorite Tarot

I’m jumping on the bandwagon. I have a new favorite tarot. Well, not new — really quite old, but given a coat of polish. It’s the Yoav Ben-Dov version of the Conver tarot, a very famous, very popular Marseilles deck. Ben-Dov has cleaned up the lines, brightened the colors, but left the mystery and wood-cut style intact. This is a deck that practically reads itself.


I particularly recommend, to go along with it, his book Tarot – the Open Reading

Even if you’re not interested particularly in the Marseilles style decks, this book has a lot of clear, good insight.

There are still things to love about the Rider Waite, but if you’re looking for a fresh, less Golden Dawn-y take on the cards, you can’t do better than the Marseilles decks, and Yoav Ben-Dov’s version is the best I’ve seen.

You can buy his deck here. When I bought it, at least, it had to ship from Israel, but was surprisingly fast.


3 Responses to “Favorite Tarot”

  1. inominandum Says:

    I am Really fond of the Noblet deck from France. Have you seen it? Bees knees

  2. Based on your enthusiasm, I bought the book (should be here today). Went to the http://www.cbdtarot.com/ website but it says “This webpage is not available.” Been that way for three days now. Any idea what happened or where else I can purchase the deck?

  3. I emailed Yoav about the website problem and, to my surprise, he emailed me right back and said he would fix it. It’s now fixed and I was able to purchase the deck. All is well in the world, again.

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