Astrology and Magic

I’m deeply skeptical of astrology, but I do often see startling results from it.  I find horary astrology — when I can read the charts — to be very accurate.  I also have received some helpful insights from my natal chart, and identified troublesome periods in my life in advance using various traditional Chronocrator techniques.

One thing I’ve noticed in my natal chart is that the strongest parts of the chart correspond to the kind of magic that works best for me.  For example, my Mercury is very strong (although afflicted by Mars), which — yeah, well, obviously.  The Lord of my 12th house is also very well dignified, in its own sign, and can behold the 12th.  The Lord of my 9th is retrograde and under the beams of the sun.

I wonder: does your chart look similar?


One Response to “Astrology and Magic”

  1. You know a lot about astrology, especially for a skeptic. I have to respect someone who’s bothered to try it before coming to a judgment.

    I’m more on the side of having been convinced that astrology is useful, but still not impressed by magic despite years and years of performing invocations and skryings. (Of all the things I’ve tried, I like spagyrics the best.)

    I have Mercury in Aquarius conjunct the Descendant, closely square Saturn in Taurus, widely square Moon in Scorpio. Luna is L12. Mercury is closely sextile Mars in Sag, which is L10 and L5.

    I like to work with things that are concrete and measurable. Timing and materia are fun for me; visualization, pathworking and so on don’t really seem to go anywhere, though some of my skryings were very interesting. I think if my Moon were less craptacularly placed, I might well feel differently. I feel like I want to make the whole thing a science and not have to involve myself psychologically, which contradicts my ideas about what makes magic most effective. This desire to keep magic at a remove from my emotional self, and yet deeply entwined with my physical self, has been . . . interesting, resultwise.

    Maybe I just really like growing plants, making wine, and burning things, and dressing it up as witchcraft and alchemy helps me convince myself I’m being industrious and that what I’m doing is important. A prominent Saturn seems to influence me to require that pretense in order to justify the energy expenditure.

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