Why I Love Lenormand

My book on Lenormand is now available, and I thought I’d give you some idea of why I find Lenormand so much fun.

I, probably like you, come from Lenormand from tarot.  But Lenormand isn’t tarot.  It’s a system of 36 simple cards, each with a clear symbolic image, and you read them not necessarily based on position but on their relationship with each other.

You know how I feel about symbols, so it shouldn’t be a mystery why this appeals to me.

Let me give you an example.  To emphasize the universal nature of Lenormand, instead of showing you cards in these examples, I’ll just give you images, such as might appear on a card.  If you want your own deck, Lo Scarabeo publishes a nice one.

Take this image, forgetting that it’s a Lenormand card for a moment:


What do you imagine that this image means?  Yes, you’re right: whatever you said, you’re probably right.  A key opens things.  It gives access.  It is also metaphorically the important thing, right?  The key concept?

When you see a key, what do you think?  You’re digging through your junk drawer and you pull out a key; what is the first question you ask yourself?  “What does this go to?”  What’s it a key to?  Imagine you get, then, this image in response to that question:


What’s a tower?  It’s a high place, where you can see a long way.  It’s a kind of defense, but it’s also a place where important people live.  It’s a public place, a place of authority and elevation.

So if I ask: “Will I get the promotion?” and I get the key followed by the tower, what do you think that means?  Those people above me will give me a key, yes?  I’ll get the key to elevation.  If I ask, “how is my relationship going?” what do you think that combo means?  Could it mean “opening up to new perspectives”?  I think it could.

I love the Lenormand because it simple, clear, but not simplistic.  And, for those of us who read the tarot, it offers a new and helpful perspective, which I talk about in my book.


One Response to “Why I Love Lenormand”

  1. What do you think about the Gilded Reverie Lenormand deck? I’m sure I’m drawn to it because of how beautiful it is, but I don’t know how close it is to the traditional Lenormand symbols. Could it be so different from the traditional to be less meaningful?

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