Learning Stuff

Thank you for the response to my last post.  There are lots of ideas for future content, which I am now working on.  The first project, if I can get it to work, is a whiz-bang presentation on how to pronounce Hebrew.  That’s assuming, as I said, that I can figure out how to get it to work.  It might end up with less whiz-bang and a lot more “eh.”  But I’ll get something up soon.

Bleh, stupid Jing.  Saving stuff as SWF . . . wth?  grumble mutter futz grumble . . .




4 Responses to “Learning Stuff”

  1. And er… I thought you were blog dead

  2. Learning ‘stuff’. I’ve poked and peeked at the mind, consciousness, telepathy, magic/magick, and such for several decades now but have not taken steps to go full blown into ritual magic(k) of any kind. Is there some practice — beyond lighting a bonfire and dancing about during the seventh hour of the seventh day of the …. um, anyway, is there a practice which one can ‘do’ which gives the knowledgeable noob a good feedback that what they are doing ‘works’ and they can gain practical experiences to progress further?

    I know.. asking a lot…

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