What Would You Like to Learn?

I’m considering diversifying the blog a bit, maybe putting up some instructional material, a prezi or two, maybe even a video.  But I’d like to know what do you think a good topic would be?  What would you like to learn about magic?


17 Responses to “What Would You Like to Learn?”

  1. Honestly, I’d be more interested in the more recent history of magic use in the west. I’d also be interested to hear what you have to say about the inter-section between shamanism and magic, as I’m involved in the former.

  2. the small things: practical experience and -advice is always greatly appreciated.

  3. inominandum Says:

    If you are doing audio and video I would love stuff on how to pronounce different words from Greek, Latin, Etc.

    Also a lesson in reading same geared for people that are not linguists. There is a real divide between what the linguiist expects in a book that contains these words, and what would be useful to a lay person. Diacritical marks and such are great for a linguist, but make it more difficult for a lay person to even attempt.

    We have this problem in Tibetan. Someone who can read it wants the original Tibetan or Wylie Transcription in order to pronounce it right and make sure that the translation is correct. 90% of Tibetan Buddhists unfortunately cannot pronounce something presented in Wylie because of all the silent letters.

    Basically I would love to hear more about language and magic. If you are using audio and video that would be awesome.

    An important aspect of the sacred syllables I use is where in the mouth the sound is articulated.

  4. Give us a howto on getting possessed! 😀

  5. Visual Meditation.

    I cannot for the life of me find any useful information on this topic. Franz Bardon has startling possibilies as to what one can achieve with this and I can’t get past the first hurdle of bringing up a simple shapes at will.

    Any help with this topic will be greatly appreciated.

    • I’d love to discuss this and other topics, if you want to get in touch with me @ jumbi.tumblr.com

      Visual Meditations: very much depends on the object of perception, for me it has been helpful to map out the various aspects of consciousness through Qabbalah, then instead of summoning an object of perception I will intend to enter into the imagination then travel to the desired object of perception. It can be helpful to, before meditating, banish unwanted energies that could interfere. Also as a warning it can be easy to become utterly lost upon the astral plane, seek with the heart, and remember that there is not two worlds but one.

  6. I think my biggest challenge is knowing where I am, magically speaking. I feel like I’ve made a lot of progress in the … 3… 5… 12.. 17… 20+ years I’ve been futzing with this (depending on who/what/how you ask), but there are times I feel like I’m wandering in the wilderness, and not meeting anyone to ask for directions.

    What are some “landmarks of the Work”? What are some signs that one is on the right track?

  7. I am fairly new to the occult and I decided to start with Franz Bardon’s Initiation Into Hermetics. In the beginning of his book he stresses the importance of meditation. I understand three forms of mediation. Focusing on the breath, clearing your mind, and watching thoughts enter and exit. I cannot for the life of me make any progress on visual mediation though. Before falling asleep random images are able to pop into my head.. but when I sit, close my eyes, and focus on bringing up a shape or color I have no luck. If you would do a lesson on visual mediation it would probably help me out a lot. Thank you, and take care.

  8. I’d love to read about mr Dunn’s perspective on money magic.

  9. theunfamousfraterd Says:

    I am most interested in what you called, in your first book, “Magic in the Street”–the place where the wheel hits the pavement and the rims get dirty.

    Perhaps you might consider a related section on embodied “astral” travel, as well. In other words, those journeys we take in the physical world that are also trips into the spiritual.

    How do those sound?

  10. So I like the above comments but my biggest, greatest interest would be communication with HGA. Elaboration on how to go about it. Preparation, is it a long term system of evocation? Or can you just ask in the right way? How do you tell your HGA apart from other Angels which may talk to you? Information any of those areas would be grand. Even a question/answer area would be cool. Cheers

  11. spirits trap

  12. I would love it if you were to expand on the Information Model of magic.

  13. Heh heh, now that I’ve delved a bit deeper into your blog I can see that my earlier comment sounds like a joke. I assure you it wasn’t an intentional one! No need to post it.

  14. the differences in magic, for example the difference between a thaumaturgist and a sorcerer

  15. I am asking in all honesty because I have heard many claims and descriptions but would prefer a proffesional opinion.

  16. Definitely a comprehensive presentation or post on street magic, expanding on what you introduced in Postmodern Magic. Practical exercises are, of course, a must! Thank you =)

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