Yay, the first draft of the book on theurgy is done.  All except the introduction, which will be finished in a couple days.  Then, it’s revision time.

I won’t know until I read over it, but my impression is that I am quite happy with it.  I think I even like it better than my second book, Magic Power Language Symbol, which is my favorite so far.  It’s the sort of book I wish I could go buy and read, which is always my touchstone for the stuff I write.

This one’s a bit of a doorstopper for occult books, too.

My next project might be some translation, depending on how quickly I can whip my Greek into shape.


4 Responses to “Woohoo”

  1. I’ll be looking forward to this book. I’ve tried to find all I can on theurgy. Thanks.

  2. Since ” Magic Power Language Symbol” is one of my favorites, I look forward to the new book!

  3. When do you expect this book to be finished?

  4. Oh, fantastic! As MPLS is a tremendous book, and one that I enjoyed a great deal when I read it, I can only imagine how spectacular this one will be!

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