Heads, In and Out and Inside Out

Jason Miller writes on the current bloghaha about whether or not magic is all in your head.

Lon Milo DuQuette has asserted, for some time, that it’s all in your head . . . but you have no idea how big your head is.  The myriad misinterpretations of this statement surpass imagining.

Let me try to have an epigram as pithy:

It’s all in your mind, but your mind isn’t in your head, because your head is in your mind.

Or is my head in something else?


3 Responses to “Heads, In and Out and Inside Out”

  1. inominandum Says:

    Its the ‘your’ that I have the issue with.

  2. Or take a step over to the chaos side of things, “do it work? Yes, who care then?”

    to be sure, having the answer turns a black box system into…at least a gray box. AND having a conception of what the fundamental ‘rules’ are gives you more freedom to play…so it’s a fun discussion for idle speculation.

  3. […] is a mistake. RO takes it seriously, disagrees with the idea, but doesn’t quite call BS. And Patrick Dunn makes a nice […]

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