Sacred Geometry Workshop

I had the great good fortune to take a workshop this weekend with John Michael Greer on sacred geometry.  I think it was incredibly productive.  I learned a lot, and JMG is one of relatively few contemporary magicians who doesn’t set off my bullshit detector at all.  Considering the topic of sacred geometry is a minefield of absolute bullshit, that says a lot.

I’ve found several new ways to incorporate sacred geometry into my practice.  I find it very productive so far, and hopefully will continue to do so.

If you get a chance to take a seminar with Greer, do it.


2 Responses to “Sacred Geometry Workshop”

  1. what was the big takeaway? JMG is a magical hero of mine, and I’d be interested to know more… someday I hope to take an actual workshop with him, rather than just reading his stuff.

    • I’m not sure I can summarize it as having a big takeaway. It was a series of aha moments throughout, really.

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