You know, now that I look into the nature of the plant mimosa, the more I think “accidentally” burning it during my ritual of Mercury wasn’t a mistake.  It’s one of the few plants that can move in response to stimulus: is that Saturnine or is it Mercurial?  Mimosa teniuflora is used in Ayauasca brews, according to Wikipedia.  Again: there’s Mercurius as psychopomp.

Since we like to use lavender for a lot of day-to-day applications around this house (it’s a wonderful antiseptic), I’d like to find a different scent for Mercurial magic.  But then what do I use for Saturn?  Any suggestions?  Ideally, something in the Morning Star line, because it’s such good incense, but failing that I’ll just find some myrrh.

One way or ‘nother, I want to find something by a week from Saturday, since that’s when I’m scheduled to evoke a particular Saturnine Olympick spirit.


5 Responses to “Serendipity”

  1. Agrippa says that “odoriferous roots” are appropriate for Saturn, as well as poppy seeds, poisonous solanaceous plants, and myrrh. I find that vetivert is nice and dense. Pepperwort grows like a weed around here, so I often use those roots as well. Both work quite nicely.

  2. Amber, a tree resin which hardens to stone, sometimes including fossilized insects, seems very Saturnine to me.

    Modern amber scents are not made of this precious substance, but are still meant to smell like ancient resins. There is also an association with ambergris.

  3. Perhaps it’s more specific to the spirit Aratron, but I got hints that I should use patchouli from that spirit. The dark mystery of that scent rings the Saturnine bell for me.

  4. I’m big on Myrrh for Saturn, and it’s relatively easy to find in stick form. Commercialized “amber” scents tend to ring more fire/mars/”pine” for me, although true amber has a *wonderful* complexity that definitely has a Saturnine ring to it. You won’t find anything like it in stick form, but ADKaromatherapy carries some solid resins, I believe.

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