Smelling Good

I used to make my own incense for magic, and while it’s nice and all, I have a job now.  So I’ve been looking around for planetary-appropriate incenses.  I like to find readily available, common scents, rather than pre-made blends, so that I can grow to associate particular scents with particular planets or elements.  My favorite brand is Morning Star.

A lot of tables of correspondence for the elementary perfumes are — old.  I’m not going to burn tobacco as a perfume of Mars, and I’ll be if I’m going to muck about with charcoal for a simple ritual.  Perhaps something elaborate and impressive and once-a-year, but I do magic all the time.  I don’t want to deal with the headache of charcoal every other day.  I’m an American: I want stuff prepackaged and easy to find, please, so I can get on with it.

My current personal correspondences for scents and planets are these:

Moon — Gardenia

Mercury — Lavender

Venus — Rose

Sun — Cinnamon

Mars — Pine

Jupiter — Cedar

Saturn — Mimosa

These are all easy to come by and more or less evocative of their planets.  I’m not entirely pleased with Mercury or Saturn (in fact, yesterday, I accidentally burned Mimosa rather than Lavender and didn’t even notice until today, when I looked at the box — maybe that explains why yesterday’s ritual took so long, although it was successful in the end).  I really like myrrh for Saturn, but that’s hard to find.  They used to make an opium incense which worked great for Mercury, but it’s hard to find and Morning Star, as far as I can tell, doesn’t carry it.

What are your correspondences?  And where do you get your incense?

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  1. Firstly, great post! It’s always interesting to see what others use for their planetary associations.

    I tend to use a couple different brands of incense (Meditation Sticks by Apollo’s Selections, Morning Star, Northern Winds , and Satya Sai Baba), with Northern Winds as my overall favorite. I tend to use sticks, charcoal and loose incense, oils, and raw herbs as well, depending on the circumstances and my mood. I don’t have a permanent set of things that I use constantly, though I am still in the process of figuring out which associations I want to stick with.

    The following is what I have thus far:

    Jupiter – Nag Champa (Satya Sai Baba)

    Mars – Strength (Northern Winds)

    Mercury – Dragon’s Blood (Northern Winds)

    The Moon – Fairy Mist (Meditation Sticks)

    Venus – Patchouli (Satya Sai Baba)

    Saturn – Midnight (Satya Sai Baba)

    The Sun – Elephant Samba (Meditation Sticks)

  2. Patrick- I admire your work and read this blog regularly. I also share some of your views on everyday incense vs. blending once a year for important benchmark rituals. In any case, I get my pre-made variety from Incense on the Way ( – rather fond of HEM incense; though I know it’s not as good as Morning Star, which I also like) and ( – Auroshikha makes a good pure myrrh). Lately, I’ve been burning hoodoo incenses from Lucky Mojo (try Master Key or the Lucky Mojo Brand as all-purpose ritual incense–good). But my everyday planetary correspondences are: Luna – Jasmine; Mars – Camphor (HEM makes a great camphor); Mercury – Sandalwood; Jupiter – Dragon’s Blood; Venus – Rose (Lucky Mojo has some fantastic rose incense; Saturn – Myrrh (Auroshikha) or Musk (Morning Star); Sol – Frankincense (Auroshikah or Three Kings – As you can see, good incense is important to me, but blending my own is a luxury I usually reserve for times when I’m not incredibly busy or for paying clients. Best – S

  3. Michael,

    I must say that I love your associations here as well. It, as always, is interesting to see a fellow practitioner’s insights on the subject.

    With that said, thank you for the hint about the Camphor incense. I actually try to keep raw Camphor on tap for evocation rites, because, in my experience, it definitely adds a very potent energy that lends itself to solid manifestations. Unfortunately, I’ve found that it can also be incredibly hard to obtain.

    In turn. a dear friend of mine recently mentioned using Menthol crystals to aid in the manifestation of spirits, but from what I’ve read on the subject, that can be dangerous because it can crystallize in the lungs. I tend to avoid it for that reason….I don’t need to complicate my life with health problems :-/.

  4. I know it’s traditional, but I’ve never liked cinnamon for the Sun, to me cinnamon has too sharp and hot a smell, it’s more Martial to me.

    I stick with raw incense and charcoal for ritual. For ambience and making a room smell nice, Morning Star and Nag Champa, but not for ritual.

    I stick with largely traditional scents primarily.

    Mars-Dragon’s Blood / Cinnamon
    Venus- Red Sanders (Red Sandalwood)
    Mercury- Guar Gum/Gum Arabic/Mastic
    Moon- This is where I cheat cause I haven’t found a loose/raw incense I like for the Moon, so I use MorningStar’s Lotus.

    The majority of my incense I pick up at the semi-local herbalist, she carries most of the stuff for other purposes, but good quality and good price. When I can’t get what I need there it’s generally over to a Botanica.

  5. Michael Strojan Says:

    I’m personally learning the art of incense crafting through a local venue here in Seattle offered at a local catch-all, Indian (and kind of occult) shop whose owner is a trained herbalist and has at least thirty years under his belt in the field.

    They do have some incense blends available (I believe they can be shipped) that generally don’t run over $5.00 for an ounce of loose incense. All the incenses are hand-crafted by the students under an apprenticeship program:

    Additionally, two close friends of mine do make custom incenses and both have long histories of involvement in the occult scene of the Northwest:

    Rosarium Blends:
    (I’ve had the proprietor custom make me incenses according to astrological timing)

    Incendiary Arts:
    (The proprietor is able to make combustable cone incenses on demand which will eliminate the need for using a charcoal for every small ritual )

  6. […] peopole like Catamara Rosarium of Rosarium Blends. After reading Patrick Dunn’s recent entry on basic correspondences for planetary incense, I thought I’d share my personal […]

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