Not Your Grandfather’s Almadel

If you’re not familiar with an Almadel, it’s a portable table, usually made of wax, for evoking spirits and angels.  I’ve always liked it better than the rather clumsy triangle of the Lesser Key, and I made one about six or seven years ago.  I never used it, ’cause it was ugly and did not inspire me to talk to spirits.  I’ve been planning building a nice one, something that Solomon couldn’t have imagined, out of more durable stuff.

This is my new Almadel.  You’ll note that it lacks names or sigils, although if you look close you’ll see the suggestion of a triangle of manifestation in the circular grate.  The lid opens to give access to a compartment beneath the circular grate, and a removable metal tray rests inside.  Incense in the tray beneath the grate fumigates the stand and black marble shewstone.  Beneath the shewstone is a small reservoir for herbs, stones, and the spirit’s sigil.  The four charm-sized candles in the corners can be changed out, of course, to an appropriate color.  A bottom drawer is lined with embossed felt for storage of supplies.

The stand and shewstone can be taken off, so if you prefer to work without a scrying surface (you?  You?  Me, I mean, because it’s mine, all mine), ahem, one can.

I built it with a little — actually, a lot — of help and a couple months of combing thrift stores and antique shops.

Pretty cool, eh?  Eh, Josh?  Bet you wish you had one.


4 Responses to “Not Your Grandfather’s Almadel”

  1. Nice work! I’m going to make a concerted effort to mimic (steal) this idea.

  2. Cal Godot Says:

    Synchronicity! I’ve been designing one of these for myself, trying to select materials and such. I’m crafty and plan to construct it myself.

    It’s difficult to get an idea of size/proportion in those pics. What are the dimensions?

  3. Very nice, dude. I may look into one for myself.

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