More (mostly) Agreement

Donald Michael Kraig has another excellent post on breathwork.  I’ve always admired his ability to make the basics crystal clear, so even someone who’s not a beginner can look at it and say “Huh, that’s an easier way to think about it.”

Obviously, I’d quibble with the talk of “magical energy” at the end, but you know me.  Quibble quibble quibble.  At least this is an actual, traditional (as far as I know) conceptualization of prana.  So really I’d quibble about translating prana as “magical energy.”  And that’s so quibbly it’s barely any quibble at all.  Can you tell I just like saying the word “quibble”?


3 Responses to “More (mostly) Agreement”

  1. But quibbling is such fun! Without quibbling, where would the world be? Stuck in a uniform, gray morass of boring sameness. Yuck! Agree to disagree! As brothers, fight ye! Then have a brew and laugh about it. After all, 1,000 years from now, who will care?

  2. Cal Godot Says:

    Do quibblers study quibbala?

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