I Agree Completely

Donald Michael Kraig posts a blog about what it takes to practice magic.  The best part of the article is this bit:

If you’re ready to dedicate your life to the path of magick, I want you to be around for a long time. With a long and healthy life you can learn and do everything. So step one is this: brush your teeth. More accurately, take care of your teeth. Brush and floss every day. See a dentist twice a year. You see, the same bacteria that causes gum disease is also implicated in heart disease. Gum disease also seems to be linked with diabetes, stroke, osteoporosis, respiratory diseases and difficulties with pregnancy. The study and practice of magick takes time, and frankly, if you’re not willing to spend a bit of time on your own health in a way that can extend your life, I don’t want to spend my time teaching you.

Exactly.  He also mentions the importance of eating right and getting some exercise.  I’ll elaborate on his excellent advice, if I can:  Most people can dramatically improve their nutrition if they just look at labels for three simple things: first, are they eating the right number of calories per day for their sex and activity level?  For most of us, that’s about 2000, give or take a few.  Second, are they eating 100% or less of the RDA of fat?  Third, are they getting 30-38 grams of fiber per day?  In my experience, and keeping in mind I’m no nutritionist, but the rest takes care of itself as long as you eat a mixed and balanced diet and as long as your doctor doesn’t tell you otherwise.  Third, walking for twenty minutes at a reasonably brisk pace (depending on your fitness level; I can walk three miles in 40 minutes) every day or nearly every day is a perfectly good cardiovascular exercise.  You do not need to invest in anything but good footwear, which you should buy anyway.

I’d add to his excellent advice, get your financial life in order.  If you are making more money than you are spending, you are okay: but even then, do a thumbnail budget and figure out where the money comes from and where it goes.  This can be easily done.  Every month I look at my statement.  If I brought in more than I spent, I move the excess into either the “fun” stack or the “savings” stack.  If I brought in less than I spent, I looked for why: if it was a one-time purchase, like an appliance, that’s fine.  Pay off your debts early, and rarely or never buy anything on credit if you can help it.  Use credit cards for emergencies and pay them off completely at the end of the month.  Understand compound interest; it is simple, but potentially deadly.  Set up an automatic transfer of money, even if it’s a very small amount, into your savings account directly from your paycheck.

Bah, who wants to do this stuff?  I wanna talk to gods and angels!  Fine.  You know the first thing they’ll tell you?  “Eat more fiber and pay off your credit card.”  Seriously.  If you don’t believe me, look at the blogs of serious magicians like Robert, whom I do not doubt it speaking to his HGA.  Why?  Because his HGA tells him his wardrobe is inadequate to his goals and he needs to buy more clothes.

As my HGA has told me on several occasions when I complain about boring day-to-day things:  “The adept must reconcile himself to matter.”  If you cannot plant your feet solidly in the world of matter, you cannot lift your head into the world of spirit.

Which reminds me: it’s time to set up a dental appointment for a cleaning.


3 Responses to “I Agree Completely”

  1. Lavanah. Says:

    Dental appointments-pretty much the time when I use the phrase “fear is failure” as a mantra.

  2. […] more on the theme of “reconciling yourself to matter” at P. Dunn’s Postmodern Magic blog. A blog title, which I want to add, encourages me to ask about “Post-Postmodern […]

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