Now That’s Some Good Witchin’


A couple in the UK suffering from infertility consulted a doctor who diagnosed her with polycystic ovaries (ouch) and him with a low sperm count.  They were told that the odds of them successfully having a child was one in a billion.  They consulted a witch to solve their problem.

Ladysnake chanted, cleansed their energies and then performed fertility spells before giving the pair a lunar sex schedule.

Ladysnake continued to cast fertility spells for them in their absence with her gathering of witches.

They now have two children.

Now, three things impress me here:

  1. The multi-strategy approach: cleansing first, then spells, then a lunar calendar (which is, of course, exactly what a doctor would give them: i.e., have sex when you’re ovulating once a month).
  2. The staggering odds of this working.  It’s easy to dismiss something simple, but something one in a billion — that’s lottery-level stuff.
  3. The name Ladysnake.  So much better than the usual Bird + Metal + Herb strategy of creating Wiccan names.

That’s some good witchin’!


3 Responses to “Now That’s Some Good Witchin’”

  1. I am *this* close to changing my name to BIrdMetal Herb right now…

  2. I immediately loved this story when I first heard about it. Skeptics may find any number of reasons to pass it off, but damned if it isn’t motivating to this magician =)

    • Awakened Says:

      Skeptics will actually find any number of reasons to pass off anything. Even if you casted fireball from your arse, they would say it was due you eat too much of chilli.

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