How to Develop Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance is the ability to “see clearly” in your imagination, without controlling the image. There are two simple ways to develop clairvoyance, and one way not to.

First, the way not to: don’t try too hard. It’s easy to dismiss everything in the name of rigor and insist that a clairvoyant image should be as clear as a three dimensional hologram standing in your magical triangle. Most things you see with your physical eyes are in fact physical, not metaphysical.

The two ways to develop clairvoyance both boil down to a single principle: fake it till you make it. Yes, it’s possible to deceive yourself, and you must guard against images that speak too clearly to your own neuroses. For example, if you have low self-esteem, clairvoyant images might consist of you being very important or utterly doomed. Whenever there’s a “very,” test for reality (which I’ll explain in a future post).

The first way to fake it until you make it is to act as if you’ve already got it. I know people who don’t try astral travel until they are sure they can leave their body, and don’t evoke spirits until they can summon a clear vision in a crystal. Go through the motions. If you’re unsure of the accuracy of the images you get, make a note of it in your journal and come back later.

The second way is to “play pretend” (yeah, and maybe that’s all magic is, eh, skeptics?). Ask “if I could see this spirit, what would I see?” Then don’t control the image that arises. An exercise I like for this, which has mundane uses as well, is to imagine a deep dark well or a pair of doors. Look at the well or door in your imagination, then let something rise from the bottom of the well or let the doors open. What do you see? What if that image that you imagine came from outside; what would it mean?

Next post: how to test clairvoyant images to make sure you don’t go woo woo.


5 Responses to “How to Develop Clairvoyance”

  1. Great post! This is exactly how I teach people to astral project.

    I’ve gotten really good at remote viewing doing this very thing.

  2. Looking forward to the woo-woo article. As great as I consider myself at visualization and “projecting” energies, I’ve always been prone to the “I’m making all this shit up” frame of mind when scrying or trying to communicate with entities.

  3. […] “Take it till you make it.” — from Patrick Dunn’s Postmodern Magic blog. […]

  4. Could a person expand “how to develop clairvoyance” into how to do magick? Could one do “how to have knowledge and conversation with ones guardian angel”?

  5. […] “Fake it till you make it.” — from Patrick Dunn’s Postmodern Magic blog. (Clairvoyance, per Dunn, is the ability to see clearly in your imagination without controlling the image.) Share this:FacebookEmailPrintShareDiggRedditStumbleUpon Filed Under: Soma & Psyche Tagged With: clairvoyance, magic, psi, psychic […]

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