“Second Person” Now Available for Preorder!

I am very pleased to announce that my first book of poetry, “Second Person,” has been published by Finishing Line Press and is available for preorder now. Please click the above link and scroll down to “Dunn,” where you can find it.

Preorders determine print run, so if you can preorder, it’d help me out quite a lot. Moreover, you get a discount on shipping, I believe, if you preorder from the publisher.

This book of poetry concerns the mystical connection we have with our world as a “thou” rather than an “it.” It’s about not only the relationship between self and other, but between Self and Other.


3 Responses to ““Second Person” Now Available for Preorder!”

  1. Just happened to stumble on your blog today, and ordered your book of poetry. I remember you well from the z-list days. 🙂

  2. theunfamousfraterd Says:

    I received “Second Person” just before the weekend.

    For all those out there who have not seen it yet, it is a collection of poems (of course) and each one is worth reading. Well-crafted and rich, it communicates with an openness and emotional honesty that maintains itself throughout the whole work.

    It reminds me that this is why we read poetry.


  3. I actually forgot I ordered this. I checked my records and discovered I ordered and paid for it in October. Haven’t received it, but I am assuming publication happened on schedule. I will contact the press.

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