Information is also crap

A friend pointed out that many of the objections I have to “energy” as a term could also apply to information. After all, most people think of information as a thing connected, not to consciousness, but to matter. This leaves me open to people saying “well, information needs a carrier, doesn’t it?” to which I stamp my feet and wave my fists and pull my hair because I have been. so. misunderstood.

So maybe instead of the information model, I should start calling it the semiotic model. In fact, I think I might: this term is a lot more like what I mean. Magic changes symbols; symbols change consciousness; consciousness changes matter. Energy, there, could lie in “symbols,” and often does, but doesn’t have to. Literally anything could be a symbol for something and thus change consciousness (note, that doesn’t mean that anything goes, by a long shot).

As far as the car goes: yeah, the car exists as a material thing. But that’s why it’s just an analogy. Matter isn’t the point of magic; it’s the side-effect.


One Response to “Information is also crap”

  1. inominandum Says:

    I am also stamping my feet and pulling my hair.

    You are using a model that explains SOME magic and want to make it explain ALL magick.

    Lets play madlibs:

    The acupuncturist is using a needle to alter the flow of BLANK through a certain meridian to help you quit smoking.

    The Tantric practitioner is accumulating BLANK in the central channel to melt the BLANK drop in the forehead and trigger the descending bliss.

    The Orgone Accumulator is gathering BLANK in the subject that is resting inside

    When I used pore breathing to load a series of rooms with elememtal BLANK the subjects in those rooms were clearly influenced by the elemental BLANK inside.

    I think you are suffering from a bit of compartmentalizing. You are a linguist and see things through the eyes of a linguist and an academic. Lo and behold the best explanation for all magic winds up being a specialized term from the field of linguistics.

    In the past you said something along the lines of “It would be good if we could find one mechanism behind magic”..l Why is that good?

    In the past you also mentioned something like “magic is worthy of academic study, but if it insists on using junk words like energy, it will never be taken seriously”. My response is that academics can study whatever it likes, but if academics are deliberately altering the field to make it ripe for study that is a a seriously flawed study. Its like an ornithologist killing all purple birds because there arent supposed to be any.

    I just don’t get where you are coming from here. Other than the few examples that you provide of very lame ass things like gathering pink energy at the heart and crystal crap you are not even attempting to deal with anything legitimate magic style that discusses energy.

    I am with you in the ultimate sense that all is consciousness. But until you fully realize that ultimate truth, the relative truth is there as a tool. This inncludes energy just as much as matter,

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