Another volley in the Energy Wars

Let me just say this is exactly the sort of discussions magicians should be having. And I’m glad that it remains so civil and respectful, because the people involved are very much worthy of respect as accomplished magicians, successful human beings (largely similar things), and clear and logical thinkers.

A broadside flies in today from Magian Ruminations, a blog you should read. The author cites some scientific research (which I haven’t had a chance to assess in terms of its scientific validity, but will at some point when I get free time again — probably 2020). I’m not sure how that’s supposed to prove that energy has anything to do with magic. There seems to be some assumptions there that aren’t filled in for me. Even if energy could communicate from human heart to human heart over 25 miles, what does that have to do with magic? I just don’t see it, and I’m not being purposefully obtuse.

The bit I can address right now is a nice magical technique that uses the “energy” model:

There is an exercise I learned from Joseph Weed’s book The Wisdom of the Mystic Masters that I have used daily for years. It is simplicity itself, and I have adapted it to several uses and have developed more elaborate versions of it. It works like this:

1. Activate the psychic center of the heart (methods of your choosing).
2. Visualize and feel the heart center projecting a luminous rose-pink cloud around your body.
3. Through an act of will, separate a portion of that cloud and send it to the person/entity/body you wish to benefit. As you see the cloud surrounding your target, feel love in your heart for whom you are sending this heart “energy”.
4. Consider the goal accomplished. Get up and go about your business and avoid dwelling on the thoughts about the exercise you have done.

Now look at this technique, which seems pretty sound and useful. Step 1 requires no concept of energy. I can bring my attention to my heart without energy. Step 2 requires no concept of energy either — if anything, this is about communicating a symbolic reality. Step 3 also doesn’t require energy. It’s an act of communication more than anything; I don’t see any energy in it, unless one choses to visualize the message as “energy,” which the invocation of the word in scare quotes seems to imply. Finally, step 4 is particularly spot on: why would I not want to think about it? Because it’ll “recall the energy?” Well, I just thought about the lamp in my living room, and it didn’t suck the light back in. No, we don’t think about it because doing so creates competing patterns of symbols which interfere with our intention, as I’ve explained in my second book.

So — why energy?


3 Responses to “Another volley in the Energy Wars”

  1. Seems to me like a problem of definition, not a problem of facts.
    Most magicians working with energy think of it as some lines or waves of power; they do not really think of it as mass*speed² (those who do should learn some basic physics).
    Although the word “energy” is not a good one for this – because it´s quite thouroughly defined and because it is not a good analogon (“field” would fit better, since the physical field reacts similar to those magical visualisations) – it is no real problem, since magic works no matter what you call it.
    On the other hand most people prefer “energy” to “information” because it just sounds more mystical and awesome. “Information” seems to be to strongly connected to the modern age with it´s vulgar-naturalism and total neglect of magic. So, like any other discussion of definition, this discussion is just about aesthetics, not about facts.

    Oh, and by the way: loved “postmodern magic”, best one on the topic I ever read.

  2. 0,5*mass*speed² that is.
    An edit-button would be useful – or me rereading my comments before I post…

  3. I love the aesthetics of moderness and future stuff yeah! Its a new way to look at things which will lead to other new ways hopefully… Loved postmodern magic. All your books have continued to help me sooooo much. I will keep your books on the same level with everyone else who in my opinion are excellent authors etc. I’ve been waiting forever with someone in your background to write about magick from your perspective. Keep em’ coming. This is one of my first comments on a page like this so I am running on. Anyhoo..

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