Planetary Charity

Christopher Warnock has a splendid post on his blog about magical charity. This is the practice of making magically significant offerings at a significant planetary time in order to propitiate afflicted planetary forces or activate beneficial ones. It’s a magical practice I really quite enjoy, because it’s quite easy and you ride the wave of good will forward.

I’m experimenting with using Kiva for this kind of practice. Since the loans are repaid and can be sent out again and again, it makes a sort of machine of good will and charity. Of course, you don’t need a magical purpose to help someone out. What I like specifically about Kiva is that the money is not just given, but used. It’s not just a symbol of one-sided value given over and consumed, but a symbol of partnership and reciprocal work. Of course, some money is just consumed (you don’t get interest on your loans) and sometimes things aren’t paid back. But I like it as a potential machine for making magic, both literally and figuratively.

And seriously, how cool is it that I helped someone increase her chicken flock?


One Response to “Planetary Charity”

  1. As a former small-time bird farmer, I find helping someone increase her chicken flock to be very cool indeed.

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