Ask six magicians their opinions, can eight different answers. Frater R. O. has a clever little thing about why those of us who worked magic yesterday should not have. I think he’s wrong, for the following reasons:

1. Astrological magic isn’t the same as evocation of astrological intelligences, which is at least what I did. Those things are sentient; they might be in a certain mood because of the weather, but they can be talked to and reasoned with, as they too partake of some of the logos. An astrological talisman is indeed a snapshot of the current astrological situation so you can carry that situation around with you in a bottle, but I didn’t make a talisman. I asked a sentient and cooperative being some questions and for a favor.

2. Even if I did, just because some planets are ill aspected doesn’t mean you can’t make a talisman for other planets. Few charts are unmitigated disasters.

3. Fr. R. O. is describing western astrology. I don’t care for western astrology. I prefer Vedic astrology, and even then I’m not 100% sold that astrology has predictive force so much as descriptive utility.

4. Those who have attained any degree of Henosis are free of the “twelve governors of fate” described in the Hermetica.

5. I’m unimpressed by magical models that tell us to sit still.

But don’t worry, R. O. You still my fra.


3 Responses to “Eclipse”

  1. Noob question incoming:

    Uh, what are the twelve governors of fate again?

    • The twelve astrological signs.

      Or perhaps the twelve houses. It’s not clear from the context, but it is clear that it’s talking about astrology.

  2. I love you too, man! I didn’t mean to piddle in any cheerios! I just wanted to post a clue in case things DO end up bad. the thing is, I don’t know enough about actual hard astrology to be able to say whether Ramsey is the only reputable Western source on this subject, or if it continues a traditional observation going back to the Persians. I could be totally wrong.

    And that last paragraph on my post was supposed to address point 5.

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