What to do?

On Tuesday, the solstice, there will be a lunar eclipse. This is a pretty rare occasion. Some magical traditions, I understand, frown on doing magic during eclipses. Others smile on it. In my own experience, doing magic during an eclipse can burn through blockages that prevent previous works from . . . well . . . working.

So the question is, what do to Tuesday? My life is fairly awesome (knock wood), so there’s nothing I urgently need. But of course the same isn’t true of the rest of the country. Normally, I avoid large scale heroic acts of magic, but there’s historical precedent. Dee called up a storm to defeat the Spanish Armada, after all, and more than one coven worked to keep Hitler out of England. I might try my hand at a bit of patriotic magic.

The obvious elephant in the room is the economy, but how do you form a magical link for the economy? Well, as above so below. It’d be the same as an individual prosperity spell, but writ large. There’s several things to be careful of. I don’t want a war, if such a thing will bring prosperity. I don’t want the curtailment of our freedoms if such a thing will lead to prosperity. And I don’t want widespread suffering for the benefit of a few prosperous people.

How’s this for a statement of intent? “I will that America and its people immediately develop greater freedom and prosperity.” Anyone see a monkey’s paw in that one? Obviously, I’ll divine about it, and I trust the universe not to screw me over too hard, but I like to be thorough.

Anyone care to join me in this particular goal? I’m not sure I can move this boulder myself (although my plan is to call in some heavy celestial hitters. As Robert of the Doing Magick blog might put it, I don’t intend to use my own “energy” for this. Of course, I don’t intend to use any “energy” at all, finding that metaphor full of more pitfalls than benefits. But choice of metaphor aside, I like the insight).


4 Responses to “What to do?”

  1. Trust your divination on this one. I might add, though, that the eclipse is a cycle, so why not banish/bind/destroy those things which impede our freedoms during the first half, and some economic stimulus magick during the second half?

  2. Best wishes on this, and thank you for considering the rest of us. I will divine on this (I hope you will share the results of your divination) and if thing look good will join you in this work!

  3. inominandum Says:

    Good Post this was.

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