Well, That Didn’t Work

I did an evocation of Och, the Olympick Planetary spirit, for better health. Then immediately caught a severe cold, the first seriously miserable cold I’ve had in about two years. There was nothing unusual about the cold, really; the person I live with had it just before I got it. But — wow, that would have been a good opportunity for Och to intervene.

On the plus side, I now can cure tension headaches with water. Although that’s probably a lot to do with the cause of tension headaches and the suggestion involved, I’m not looking to deeply into that horse’s mouth.

Still, rarely does magic turn out so obviously and clearly suboptimal.


One Response to “Well, That Didn’t Work”

  1. Given my own experiences and conversations I had with healers (mainly Reiki), this is actually a very common experience. I avoid using healing techniques if I realize that I am dancing around the edges of a flu or cold.

    And thanks for the follow-up post to this, which links to a good reason for the occurance.

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