Reserve Criticism of Och

Huh. Just found this article suggesting that those people who “don’t get colds” actually have compromised immune systems, and a symptomatic cold is a sign of a strong immune system.

So maybe I should reserve my criticism for a bit . . .


4 Responses to “Reserve Criticism of Och”

  1. Years ago I caught a nasty flu. There was some reason why I didn’t want to be sick, maybe I had plans that weekend. I tried to get rid of the flu using Apollo. Basically I wanted to be better by the next day. I was told I’d be better, but go to bed right now and not to get out of bed for the rest of the night.

    After about an hour of laying in bed and nothing happening I started to think the whole thing was just stupid and went downstairs to make myself dinner and get something to drink. I was downstairs about ten minutes when it hit me. I completely lost my balance and fell over. My head started pounding to the point I couldn’t even think. I had some of the worst nausea I’ve ever had. I think I had to pretty much crawl up the stairs to get to bed and spent the rest of the night laying there unable to sleep and wishing whatever I had would just kill me. As best as I can tell, I managed to cram a week’s worth of pain and symptoms into just twelve hours. Twelve hours later I was 100%, but that was a really bad twelve hours, the sickest I’ve ever been. Anyways I never tried that spell again despite the success.

  2. And the Och connection…?

  3. Oh! Since this posting came up first (reverse chronological order) in my feed reader, I hadn’t read the prior one. This reminds me of an expression a friend of mine always uses: “breaking out in health”. My family’s Anthroposophical doctor maintains everyone should get good and sick at least once a year to keep the immune system tuned up.

    Regarding Och: at least in my experience, he was the most responsive of the seven Olympicks, or his response was the most perceptible. I had no doubt that I’d made contact.

  4. Oddly enough, it’s your immune system kicking into high-gear that makes you feel like shit when you’re sick, not the virus itself. That’s why you can feel almost normal when you have the flu and take enough Motrin to knock your fever out. It’s also why retroviruses (like HIV) can go symptomless for so long.

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