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A puzzle I haven’t solved for 25 years. Thought you might have insight. In “The Duino Elegies”, Rilke goes on about angels as if he’s had experience with them. Do you think he was a real mystic, or just a great poet using mysticism as a literary conceit?

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Well, I don’t know if there’s any historical evidence off the top of my head, but it’s hard not to imagine that Rilke didn’t at least have a mystical turn. His Torso of the Archaic Apollo pretty much lays out the power of art to change lives, which sounds like magic to me. But the use of mysticism, as you say, as a poetic conceit is pretty common at this time, so I’m not sure it’s possible to say that he was certainly an occultist (like Yeats, who was; or Pound, who dabbled). At the very least, he foresaw the turn toward the mystical that modernist poetry would take with the decline of faith.


I love the french language. I feel amazing when i speak it correctly. Who is a god of language I could call on while studying french? What are some practices I could do to improve my french through magic. Im not asking for a spell per-say just exercises

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There are several generic gods of language that would work just fine. You could call on Tehuti, the Egyptian god of language; he’d be useful because he’s easy to visualize. Other practices and exercises include making some sort of symbol or sigil to encourage study; keeping your magical diary in French; or getting some occult books you’re interested in reading in French. That would combine your interests and keep you motivated. You could also do any daily rituals you do in French instead of English; that could at least get you used to pronunciation and would be easier than reading a whole book if you’re a beginner. The real trick to learning a language is to stay motivated over the long term. Other practices include ones to deal with anxiety about speaking the language to native speakers, if you suffer from that particular affective block. A simple exercise is to imagine your anxiety as a mist or fluid that you can breath out, gather up into a ball, and throw away.

I am a beginner to ritual magic and am trying to learn some of the basic Golden Dawn exercises. I am wondering if there it matters how exactly I visualize the archangels in the LBRP as long as I stick to the right colors and right directions. Thank you.

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Not at first. Eventually, they’ll sort of “take over” and assume a shape on their own as soon as you call their name, which is a sign of success. But don’t worry about pushing it; you’re doing fine if you just imagine them in the right colors and directions.

A wild, uneducated female lobster

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An account of hypnotism of lobster from the ’20s.

I don’t really know why I’m posting this, other than for the line “A wild, uneducated female lobster.”

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Pump up the Jams

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For me, “occult” means “hidden” and is a synonym for “esoteric.”  I’ve learned it means different things to different people though, so much so that I’ve begun describing my work as “esoteric spirituality” rather than “occult.”

Here’s a manufacturer who has decided that “occult” means putting Princess Di’s hair in jam.  I do not . . . um . . . understand . . . this.

Heptameron Working

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I just finished a two week working of the planetary angels of the Heptameron, in which I conjured each then astral traveled to the sphere they govern.  I’m less than entirely pleased with the results.  I think maybe I lacked a clear focus or purpose going in.  It’s hard to say.  I’m not sure how much of the visions was exterior to myself and how much interior.  The gematria is inconclusive.

There’s a lot more to the Heptameron than those seven angels, of course.  But I’m considering moving on to a different grimoire.  The Arbatel always gave me good results.

I’ve also never worked through the syllabus of Franz Bardon from start to finish.  I thought I might try that, if I can stand all the (blech) “energy” talk, just as a sort of toning exercise.