What is your personal experience regarding gods, daemons, and so on? Do you see them as independent of or a part of our individual minds, or something else?

I absolutely see them as independent. They are persons made out of symbols. So are we, but none (or maybe few) of their symbols are physical. I reject the notion that they are “parts” of a person’s mind, even though several occultists I admire teach that. I have to be true to my experience, and in my experience, they are other — sometimes radically so. The Olympick spirits, for example, are so, so, so not me. Or anyone else human.

As far as my personal experiences, I have lots, but I find myself growing coy when it comes time to talk about them. I have had what I suspect are visions of gods, and what I believe to be direct and sometimes very clear communications with spirits and demons.


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