Sudden Silence Explained

Pardon my disappearance.  I’ve been buried in yard work.  It’s gloriously domestic.  Here are some of the things we did this week:

  • Fixed the squirrel damage to the eaves.  Little buggers want in, they do.
  • Spread clover seed on the lawn.  I’m sick of cutting grass, or to be more accurate, dandelions.  I suspect that a native clover might just choke out the dandelions.
  • Spread some columbine seeds.  Here’s hoping they’ll grow in the stygian shade of my lawn.  But the neighbor had some seedpods and free is hard to pass up.
  • Sprayed for spiders (again, in the stygian shade of my house, such things must be done periodically or I wake up with centipedes hosting a convention in my bathtub).
  • Scheduled some estimates for various bits of work, some of which came in under budget, others — less so.  There’s one particular tree I’d like to cut back.  I call it the “tree of Damocles” because it looms hugely over the house and is largely responsible the aforementioned stygian darkness.
  • Pulled dandelions.  It looks like little meteors have dotted my lawn with pits now.
  • Trimmed trees, creating yet another palisade of sticks out front.  Did I mention my yard has trees?  If you count saplings over one inch in diameter, it has about 150 trees.
  • Cut down some great specimens of deadly nightshade in the backyard.  We actually left a patch in the back, because it blooms so pretty.
  • Bought a new fridge!  That’s the one that’s most exciting.  I’m expecting to actually notice a change on my electrical bill, because my old fridge was almost exactly my age.  We got an amazing deal.  Stainless steel, half the price we were expecting to pay.  I usually dicker for months before making a big purchase, but when he named the price I said “And there’s a manufacturer’s guarantee?  And you do free delivery?  We’ll take it.”

So that’s all very ordinary kind of quotidian stuff.  But important: this house, and the man I share it with, were things I got at least partially through magic.

In the non-quotidian, I was buried in the Hermetica, as well as Iamblichus and Agrippa.  I’ve got an idea for my next book.


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