Review of MPLS

Here’s an excellent review of Magic Power Language Symbol.  It’s highly complimentary.  So of course I focus on the small passage about errors.

I apologize for any errors in my books.  If people do find them, please let me know.  I don’t exactly sell out, but presumably if I keep writing and keep breathing, someday there may be second editions and when and if that occurs I will try to correct as many errors as I can find.

I’m particularly embarrassed about two errors: First, mixing up Brythonic and Gaelic languages is — in my profession — pretty shameful.  It’s like a chemist mixing up glucose and sucrose.  Yes, they’re similar — but not the same.  The second embarrassing thing is that somehow I suggested the Indo-European diaspora occurred ten thousand years ago.  I don’t know why that number was in my head and made it to my fingertips, when it’s pretty well established that it was closer to 4500 ybp.  Again, sorry about the error.  The other errors pointed out were sometimes just attempts for me to wrestle the octopus into the box — after all, the complex relationship between which ideas were Spare’s and which one’s were Grant’s is a hard one to tease out.  Others were simply me trying to write outside my field; I read a lot in anthropology but I’m not formally trained in it.

But I’m quite pleased that this particular reader enjoyed the book and got so much out of it.  I’m also glad those errors didn’t turn into incentives to make my book into a wall-banger.


2 Responses to “Review of MPLS”

  1. Lavanah.c Says:

    When I read the review, I thought that you would like seeing it. It was only after I sent the link to you that I passed it on to others. (who also gave you the link to the review, as I understand.)

    And I like the way the footnotes are laid out.

    • pomomagic Says:

      I did appreciate seeing it. And I’m glad he caught the errors. I wish they’d been caught before going to print, though, but still.

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