Air Force Pagans Get Worship Area

This isn’t entirely fresh news, but the Air Force Academy has constructed a Neopagan worship circle at the request of several cadets.

Good for them.

Of course, then someone left a large wooden cross there.

I wonder what the reaction would be if someone left a large wooden pentagram in front of a church.  I imagine someone would scurry to point out

“I’m not sure I would characterize that as a destructive act. A symbol put next to another symbol does not represent destructive behavior. It’s somewhat exaggerated — you have your symbol, we have our symbol.'”

Right, Fox News?  I bet “some” would say that, indeed.


2 Responses to “Air Force Pagans Get Worship Area”

  1. Cal Godot Says:

    There is a very strong evangelical religious element at the USAF Academy. Several members of the faculty and administration, as well as a number of large student groups, make up the vocal and influential evangelical community of that campus. There’s no chance this will be investigated vigorously, and certainly won’t be punished. After all, they’ve already set it up for a soft touch: it wasn’t a “destructive act.” Obviously if someone painted a pentagram on a church, that would be “destructive” and would be punished more severely. Christians… you can’t live with ’em, you can’t toss ’em to the lions.

  2. Unfamous Frater D Says:

    By placing one symbol next to another symbol, they were performing a symbollic act.

    Can a symbolic act by destructive? All I can say is that burning a flag is also a symbolic act, and symbolically destructive, rude, and meant to be so.

    Putting a symbol next to another symbol does not necessarily represent a destructive act, nor does it not.

    Thank you, Fantastic Mr. Fox news. I read the first half of that article, said “Stupid, stupid, stupid,” and went on with my evening.

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