Article for Ransom

I’m holding an article for ransom.  If you want to see it alive (and for free download under a creative commons copyright) please click on the “ransom this article” link on the right, under the “pages” heading.

Alternately, you can go directly to  Where you can see a regrettable video of me awkwardly and woodenly promoting this project, as well as a picture of me trying to eat a microphone at a poetry reading.


10 Responses to “Article for Ransom”

  1. what ransom this article link?

  2. I wouldn’t call your promotion wooden. Subtle. Understated.

    What is that painting behind you? That’s not a real alphabet, is it? Oh, I get it. It’s “art.”

    I plugged your project on my blog. I don’t know how useful that is. Most of the people who read me probably already read you. Oh well. Every little bit helps.

    • That painting is actually something my partner did. He’s an artist and he knows I like asemic writing. I think it’s called The Fall of Icarus, if I recall correctly.

  3. I’m currently reading Crowley’s White Stains. For the moment I refuse believe it’s possible to write good or even meaningful esoteric poetry.

  4. Johnathon Says:


    My boyfriend and I being big fans of Postmodern Magic, we backed you for $20. If there’s any way – assuming (and hoping!) this project gets off the ground – you could include both our names, that would be amazing.

    Plus that video was too awkwardly cute and convincing for us NOT to help you out.

  5. You sent me scurrying for the dictionary with “asemic writing”. Learn something new every day. As I mentioned on my blog, I’d love to support the project, but the (insert asemic scribbles) Amazon software prevents non-US residents from participating. Don’t know why. My money’s green enough when I want to buy books from them. 😉

  6. Reject Dogma Says:

    You can count me in for $20, but I don’t think I’ll use the kickstart site. I try and keep this identity separate from my real person (like you I spend my days at a university, except it’s in the bible belt). I’ll happily slip a $20 in an envelope, though. 🙂

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