Solstice, or Not?

An interesting article from Slate on the historical accuracy of Wiccan claims about Yule.

I agree with his conclusions, at least: if we don’t try to falsify history in order to make religious points, pagans have a chance at being a valid and spiritually fulfilling faith.  The thing that strikes me as strange about the article, though, is, where is he finding all these Wiccans making these claims?  I don’t know a single pagan personally who makes such claims, and every Wiccan I know (which is fewer than I used to know, granted) usually begins any discussion of Wiccan history with “In the 1950s, when Wicca was made up . . . ”

Of course, they also understand that being made up doesn’t mean it’s not true.


3 Responses to “Solstice, or Not?”

  1. I love your last line. There is a radio dramatization series from ZBS based on a character named Jack Flanders. In one of the stories, Dreams of Rio, he has a conversation with the line “We begin by playing, and by forgetting it becomes real.” Part of my personally philosophy is that we need to create tools to help us relate to systems larger than we can wrap our minds around. Religions become a tool box for working in that relationship, but it is more fun and rewarding to be aware of how the toolbox is formed and how it can be adapted.

  2. Maybe it’s the new scholarly fashion to deny solstice associations for winter holidays. There is a lot of scholarly skepticism in the air just now about Christmas being tied to the solstice too.

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