A Tip for Writers

I learned something useful recently that I’d thought I’d share for those who wish to be writers.

A few weeks ago, during a storm of deadlines and work stress, my usual writing computer died.  It’s also a fairly high powered gaming computer, and it does this occasionally and I have to reinstall Windows.  The tech support for this particular company seems to regard that as both normal and desirable.  What they seem to forget is that it takes an entire day to install Windows.

In frustration, I went and bought a Macbook.  I will resist the urge to proselytize, but here’s what I learned:

Keep your gaming computer and your writing computer separate, and you will triple your productivity.


3 Responses to “A Tip for Writers”

  1. Good advice, now if I kept the internet seperate from my gaming computer and from my writing computer I would probably be six times as productive.

    • Ain’t that the truth. I tell myself I need the internet for spot research, but really I just chat with people and read funny blogs instead of write.

  2. Will you buy me another computer so I can do that? 😀 I can beg. I’m not proud. 😉

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