A Note to Architects

When you design a classroom please plan to place the clock opposite the whiteboard.  The students do not need to see the clock.  The professor or teacher does.  When you put the clock above my head, it serves as a distraction to students.  It also means I must crane my neck around to time my lesson plans.

Why do the people who design things rarely consult with the people who use them?


2 Responses to “A Note to Architects”

  1. Maybe they were consulting students and not teachers…

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more! When I was a student the clock behind the teacher was a huge distraction. Most of all when I needed 100 percent of my attention on a difficult subject. The more difficult the subject, the more my mind would focus on how much time was left til I could get relief. Do your students a favor and take the clock down or cover it, then get a small digital clock you can have near you.

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