Misplaced Television

You know, I like Borders (the bookstore) a lot.  They serve fairly good coffee in the cafe, and they carry my books (sometimes).  I wrote a chunk of my dissertation and some of my first book in that cafe, most of my entertainment budget involves books I buy from there.

But whoever decided to put a television in the cafe is an idiot who should be fired immediately.  I don’t want to listen to an advertisement for a show about, I guess, older women who have sex with younger men, a dozen times in an hour, and I surely don’t want the same annoying music looped over and over to compete with the store music.


5 Responses to “Misplaced Television”

  1. Ah. The widescreen TV that no one pays attention to, required in all Borders to endlessly loop whatever movie tie-in so that related books and CDs and DVDs can be displayed with it. At the location where I work, we have the sound turned down so that you have to be practically standing on top of it to hear it.

  2. Speaking of books, I wanted to share this link with you Patrick.

    This guy from Scotland gives a ringing endorsement for your previous book.

  3. theunfamousfraterd Says:

    Television in a bookstore? I wonder what wonder-marketer thought of that one.

    Now, I suppose that makes me an old reactionary, but it was probably put there to prevent people from staying very long.

    I find that since I don’t watch television (which puts me in a small minority, anyway), the noise does not fade into the background for me.

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