You know you’re watching too much House when you notice a red line on ball of your thumb and think “I wonder if I have some sort of disease” before you realize that you were just grading papers.


One Response to “Hypochondria”

  1. Professor Dunn,

    I’d ask you these questions at your e-mail address but I haven’t found one (and haven’t looked very hard).

    I’ve had your first book for over a few years and I’m just now getting to reading it. I’m having a hard time understanding the concept of magic.

    I understand what you’re saying about how the power of magic is analagous to the power of literature. There are still a few connections I haven’t made though. This is, perhaps, an extremely broad question. Basically, why aren’t you teleporting and time-traveling? What are the limits of magic?

    I read somewhere that magic only works in a way that the physical world does. If I understand you correctly, the reason magic works is beacuse the “physical world” is just an idea – or a collection of ideas. Time is just an idea as well; it is a collection of symbols…

    What I’m asking is: could you possibly explain the mechanics of magic in a more straight-forward or direct way? I’m very hopeful in learning how to work with this stuff. I’ve been unsuccesful with shamansim for years…

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