Blogtalk Radio Interview

I had the great good fortune and honor of giving a radio interview with Dina Vessi on her show this week.  If you have some urge to hear my voice, here’s an opportunity.  Recordings of my own voice give me heartburn, so I sat in the next room and heard a muffled version through the wall as my partner listened to it.


2 Responses to “Blogtalk Radio Interview”

  1. Don’t worry, your voice sounds great!

    “Hello?….How long have I been talking to myself?” LOL 🙂

    That was awkward.

    Anyway, while I don’t really agree with you 100% (or with anyone, really), I think you have some pretty interesting/useful ideas, and it’s always nice to hear other people’s views on magic.

    One thing I wanted to mention, though: All models of magic are equally right and wrong. Just as all models of magic are equally useful or not useful. I think it all depends on the individual. For some people the Spirit model is most useful and effective. For others it’s the Energy model, for you it’s the Information model, and so on.

    I personally am not really drawn to the Information model because it seems so abstract to me. I’ve read you first book (Postmodern Magic) and I really didn’t get a clear picture of what this model entails. How does one go about casting a money spell using purely the Information model? (I probably should go back and look through the book, but I think that’s pretty much the same thought I had while reading it!) I’m personally more drawn to the Energy model because it has a clear step-by-step process that I find practical. I also like that it doesn’t really have to entail any physical tools because the basic process is Raise Energy –> Program Energy –> Direct Energy.

    From what I understand of the Info model, it seems to be saying: everything is a symbol! Which to me seems pretty obvious. Of course Aphrodite is a representation of Love. And of course energy is a representation of magical power.

    What I’m really interested in is how one would go about doing direct/mental magic in the Information model? Why do you consider this model more useful than the others? For example, if I wanted a new camera I would sit down, relax and raise energy. I’d form this energy into a ball between my hands and I would visualize the camera I wanted inside the ball and so on. Then I would just tell the energy ball (or thoughtform) to go on its merry way and get me that camera. That’s pretty simple and straightforward. How would you go about casting this spell using the Info model?

    I did like that you talked about the joy of magic. That’s the kind of attitude that really does actually bring better results. 😉

    Anyway, sorry for the long post. There’s just a lot that I have on my mind.

  2. Also, just wanted to add:

    A vision board is a poster where you glue on pictures of your desires. For example, you could have a vision board for love. You put pictures of happy couples, how you want your mate to look, and you can even put words on it like “loving, caring, undestanding” or whatever. A vision board is a visual representation of your desire on which you can meditate.

    Just wanted to add that because I thought it was an interesting question asking what you think about sigils and vision boards being related to each other. One is a symbolic representation of desire, while the other one is a literal one.

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