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Copyright is Serious

Posted in Writing on June 27, 2009 by Patrick

An acquaintance of mine has self-published a book through Lulu.  Her interests include spiritual protection and healing.

Two people in France falsely claiming the title Frater (because no Frater would behave this way) have translated the book into French without her permission and are either seeking a publisher or selling it — it’s not clear which.  Either is a violation of copyright.

They are in violation of international copyright treaties, specifically the Berne Convention, and will therefore be subject to criminal charges in France for stealing this intellectual property.  The two people responsible style themselves Tau Zorobabel and Luxaor.

I’m not sure if the author has the resources to pursue her rights in this matter.  I hope that she does.  I also hope that any French publishers considering this unauthorized copy will realize that it violates French law to publish it.

Anyone who wishes to legimately publish an author’s work in translation can contact that writer’s publisher (in my case Llewellyn, and thank you) to purchase the rights to do so.  They are not particularly exhorbitant.  I welcome all such legimate translations.  Illegal violations of copyright should be pursued, however.


Ahh, much better

Posted in Uncategorized on June 17, 2009 by Patrick

Finally, something is coming.  It’s spotty but it always is at the beginning.  I kind of see each writing project as a series of islands arising from the ocean floor.  At first, you can’t see how they’re connected, but eventually the whole thing comes up and you see it all as a whole.  That metaphor sounded much better when it was still in my head.

In other news, evidently you can buy my second book at Target.


Posted in Uncategorized on June 12, 2009 by Patrick

This new book just — ain’t.  It’s not flying.

Geh.  I hate writing some days.  Well, actually, most days.  Still, better than anything else I could be doing.

I think the issue is, I have three book ideas in my head at once, but they’re all kind of similar and overlappy.  And none of them has that handle to them that makes them exciting to write.