Star Trek

I just went to see Star Trek, in an effort to get an idea for this article I have due soon.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get an idea, but halfway through the movie I found myself muttering:  “Wait.  There are canyons in Iowa?”

Ah, well, I was entertained.

4 Responses to “Star Trek”

  1. I was wondering that too, but then… those giant buildings of the shipyard, not to mention the Enterprise ship herself? The raw materials have to come from /somewhere/.

  2. >>>“Wait. There are canyons in Iowa?”

    Maybe there will be by the time the ice retreats from the “Day After Tomorrow”, and people figure out warp drive so we can become members of a galactic civilization of technologically based humanoids – LOL.

  3. There are canyons in Iowa – they’re hidden under the glaciers right by the Rocky Mountains! Uhm, yeah…

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