Yup, I’m a slacker

I feel sheepish.  Blame it on grading, if you like.

I’ve been kicking around an idea for another book — I mean, after the novel I’ve been gnawing on.  I kind of want to explore what the point of magic is — why we do it, what it’s for.  That sort of thing.  Then I can dive into epistemology and other long Greek words, get paid fifty dollars for a year’s work, and feel a sense of accomplishment.  Sorry, I’m not bitter.  I’m actually kind of perky.  But if I sold out, I thought I was supposed to get some money, damn it.


4 Responses to “Yup, I’m a slacker”

  1. Hey man… chin up 🙂

    You have legions of fans out there waiting to buy this not-yet-written book. I’d do it, at any rate, and there’s gotta be plenty more anonymous internet strangers like me out there. That may only translate to a few bucks after royalties and such, sure, but the gratitude of strangers must be worth something! Right?

    Besides, if you’d really sold out you’d be pumping the books out every three months like some other authors.

  2. Hey Patrick,

    Just wanted to let you know that, lucrative endeavor or not, your work is still reaching people who appreciate it.

    I’m a playwright and an astrologer who has met with lots of frustration in trying to establish a magical practice. None of the primers I’ve picked up before now has explained the how and why of magic in a way that made sense to me. Your book has fundamentally altered and revitalized my approach to making art and working my will.

    I will refrain from pestering you with questions – I’m hoping to find my own answers anyway through use of these exercises. But I did want to offer my gratitude and encouragement. I, for one, will buy and read anything that you produce.

  3. You get love, you want money, too?

  4. and you have gone where this time?

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