Today’s Lunch

A Taste of Thai Red Curry Noodles.

The noodles are thin and long, and sink into the water slowly as you microwave it, which means they can be crunchy on one end and done on another.  One of the packages looked like marijuana, but was sadly just seasoning.  The sauce had no particular flavor, other than kind of sweet, kind of spicy.

Resemblance to dogfood on first inspection:  10% (sauce packet)

Complexity to prepare:  six envelopes, but only two steps.  Package nearly too tall to fit in  microwave.

Guilty pleasure:  2  (mostly toward the end)

Cost:  about $2.00

Calories:  280 (60 from fat)

Still hungry:  Yes?  No?  I don’t know.  It was Thai.  Ask me in an hour.  Strangely, I now have a craving for Thai food, which doesn’t really bode well.


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