Waiting for the moon. . .

I hate to admit it, but yes, timing matters.  Magic done on the full moon in the hour of its governing planet just seems to work better — faster, more spectacularly, and with more wide-ranging effects.  It seems superstitious, like cutting your hair when the moon is waning, but it tends to work.  Which is why I’m sitting here waiting for the moon to start waxing.  I think I can wait until first quarter, rather than full, because I’m not working on changing my life.  I just need a bit of grease in the wheels for some of my goals.

Of course, that’s nonsense: all magic changes your life.  Anyone who imagines that being a magician is standing untouched like Prospero and directing the storm is a fool.  Magic about communication, and communication is always two-way.  If you’re not changed by magic, you’re doing it wrong.

And probably that’s why timing really works (okay, just a theory).  By waiting for the moon you’re willing to say “I’m part of the universe, and I’ll change myself, form my schedule, around it if it’ll respond in kind.”  I don’t know.  Maybe not.


2 Responses to “Waiting for the moon. . .”

  1. Oddly enough, I was working on the Moon last night. Coincidence, I’m sure. I spent an hour drawing and redrawing the geomantic figures of the Moon and the seal of Gabriel. I wrote his name a few times in Celestial, pondered the spirit-mind-body layers of entity-manifestation, and toyed with the geomantic figures as “spirit” representing the lunar essence, the seal of the archangel as the “mind” and the name as the “body. It didn’t quite all fit. I also tried Lavanahal as the name of the archangel, rendering a nine-lettered name for it to get more of a Yesod connection (counting down from Kether), and that was interesting, but I ddn’t get any confirmation it should be Lvanal or Lavanahal or Gabriel.

    By the time I fell asleep, I had a great deal of Lunar Consciousness, I guess you might call it. Not “energy” certainly, but a larger concentration of the information that manifests as Lunar might be one way of saying it more precisely. Someone on one of the spirit conjuring lists mentioned that the ATR systems spend a lot of time generating force relating to thir desired intent to overcome whatever background radiation is in effect, as opposed to the western systems that build up on the harmony of the astrological influences.

    Agrippa, I think, says that if you can’t get the stars and planets properly aligned, then at the least you should observe the planetary hour. The Day and hour is more potent, and the planet all dignified by the other planets and houses and such is ideal, but if you’re in a hurry to do some lunar work, the superstitions of the West allow for waiting for the appropriate planetary hour alone.

  2. I actually find working magic is less about lining up schedules, and more about going with the ambient flow of energy. When I cast healing magic during the waxing moon, I focus upon building up healing energies. During the waning moon, my emphasis turns upon banishing negative patterns of energy. Same desired effect, but the means can vary to better harmonize with the background powers that be.

    To RO – Forgive my ignorance upon this point, but what is ATR?

    In an Aikido class, we once discussed whether it was better to be able to stop the train with your fists, or to step off the track. As we were studying one of the softest of the soft arts, you can guess which option won out. Better for you, or at least for the train and its occupants!

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