Today’s Lunch

Okay, it has nothing to do with magic, but I’m bored and want to introduce a new feature.  It beats grading papers.

In order to save money, I’ve been bringing lunch to work rather than patronizing the sandwich cart.  Our office kitchen is — limited.  Therefore, I’m stuck with one-package microwave things.  I picked up a bunch cheap at Target, of all varieties.

Today’s was the Taco Bell Home Original Salsa Chicken Bowlz [zic, I mean, sic].  It is Mexican-style rice, refried beans, zesty tomato salsa with white [gray]-meat chicken.  Now 30% more chicken!

I hesitate to imagine how much chicken was in it previously, as I counted six bits.  Wait, I don’t have to hesitate.  I can do math.  Originally, we had 4.6 pieces of chicken.  Woo!

The beans were hard, the rice more like rice pudding (although it was the best part).  How the hell anyone got the idea that salsa mixed with chicken is, in fact, a dish I have no idea.  It’d be like selling “ground meat with catsup!  American style!”  I suppose that does exist, but shouldn’t.  The chicken was mercifully gristle-free and actually not too bad.

Price <$2.00

Resemblance to Dogfood on Initial Inspection: 65%

Guilty Pleasure (1-5):  3

Calories:  290 (45 from fat)

Still hungry:  No.


One Response to “Today’s Lunch”

  1. You need to learn how to cook! Reading about that lunch is keeping me from being hungry.

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