Results of Alchemy

Well, I crystallized something salt-like.  Not the beautiful snowy white all the books talk about — more brownish kind of sticky film with black specks (carbon from badly calcinated and clumsily filtered c.m.).

I tasted a grain and found it salty and not entirely useless, so I dissolved it into the tincture (which smells exactly like apple juice).   I think I can use the tincture for some of the stuff I’ve used Bardon’s fluid condenser for in the past, but I’d hesitate to call it “perfected.”

What I learned is this:

1)  Good enough isn’t.

2)  Nevertheless, it’s worth trying even in imperfection.

3)  I am poorly equipped for calcination.  It might be worth it to build a Bunsen set-up, which is fairly cheap and easy.  Alternately, I could create an oven from the grill.  Using the household oven doesn’t really work so well.

4)  I’m kind of lazy.


6 Responses to “Results of Alchemy”

  1. Upon #4: Eh, you have to remember that much alchemical research was done by people of aristocratic birth who had plenty of time to devote to such pursuits. Trying to recreate or build upon their work, even with the technical advances of today, is somewhat more difficult when one has an office job, or a family, or bills to pay, or some combination thereof. I’ve been working at an exercise suggested to me by Donald Tyson’s *Portable Magic* for almost two months now. My time is limited. All due respect to Mr. Tyson, given a choice between Tarot-based evocations and fixing the garbage disposal, the latter has to come first. (If you happen to know anyone with an evocation for an elemental which can repair the garbage disposal, on the other hand, zip me a line!)

  2. And the problem with lazy would be what exactly? Congrats on the new book (yeah, it’s been awhile so sue me — I haven’t had time to keep up on stalking one of my fav phd’s in awhile :0) )! Hope you’re doing well despite the alchemy set backs!

  3. Hi – I think that if you’ve gone this far you’re doing good. You should try the volatalized salt of rosemary experiment – it’s as easy as any of the other plant experiments and makes the true ens. If you’re interested, I can point you to the documentation. It’s been done many times and is a wonder, but that’s because it shouldn’t happen. And you get something worthwhile out of it.

    Good luck with the great work!!

  4. naufragiobella Says:

    I recently set out on the same experiments. I discovered:

    1. even though it smells good, if you spill the tincture, it’s sticky.
    2. keep adding rubbing alcohol to the herb and lighting it. 2(a) wait until flames are out or else!
    3. grind carbon black chunks and then burn again, it works faster.

  5. Hi Patrick,

    I have discovered your blog while reading your “Postmodern Magic” book, which I really enjoy. You are great. Just because I have seen you are interested also in alchemy maybe you will find interesting the following website:
    This guy claims that he found the recipe for the Philosopher’s Stone and it is made from the morning dew. I have ordered his book and I will do some research as well. Maybe this guy is onto something. Who knows? I am a total beginner.
    But again, your book is fantastic! I hope to learn some magic when finish it.

    Best Regards,

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