More alchemy

This round of calcination is going a lot better.  I took the dried and slightly charred herbs and ground them fine in my mortar and pestle.  Then I lit them again with the propane torch and they burned merrily, filling my garage with smoke.  Most people think the mass of a plant comes chiefly from the earth — it doesn’t.  It comes from the air, and when you calcinate a plant you return all that carbon back into the air.  What’s left are the mineral salts, the bits that come from the Earth.

I should have waited until Wednesday, when my SO could open the garage door.  I’m too short to get it open because the broken spring won’t support it.  So it smells like hell in there now.


3 Responses to “More alchemy”

  1. Oh… so I guess my plan to do this in my apartment might be trouble…

    Well, congrats on making progress!

    • Yes, I’d find a place with some outdoor burning thingy. A public park with a firepit or something.

      Next time, I won’t do it in my garage, either.

  2. Congratulations on the progress. I guess you have a high ceilinged garage? I would have been afraid of setting my garage on fire with the propane torch (of course, its also filled with 22 years of junk-something you haven’t had time for, yet). I’m looking forward to hearing about the crystallization process.

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