Plant Alchemy

So I bought the wrong filters, and ended up using paper towels. I can’t get the caput mortum to catch on fire, and I’m leery of sticking alcohol-soaked herbs in my oven.  I’m going to let it sit out overnight and see if it dries.  Or grows something.  We’ll see.

I took some pictures.  Perhaps I’ll post them later.  At the very least, I have a crude tincture — but I want to get the salts, too.


One Response to “Plant Alchemy”

  1. Do you have an outdoor barbeque, yet? Or even a little charcoal habatchi thingy? Try putting the caput mortum in a bowl, on the lit barbeque, and then light the herbs. See if getting heat from several directions helps to get them to burn. And I just hope your weather isn’t as lovely as mine was last week, when I was attempting the same thing.

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